"  A seer within who knows the ordered plan Concealed behind our momentary steps, Inspires our ascent to viewless heights As once the abysmal leap to earth and life, His call had reached the Traveller in Time, Apart in an unfathomed loneliness, He travelled in his mute and single strength Bearing the burden of the world's desire. A formless Stillness called, a nameless Light. Above him was the withe immobile Ray, Around him the eternal Silences.   "
                                                                                             Sri Aurobindo (Savitri, Book II, Canto One)

Press Review

« Rina Schenfeld at the 
« Theatre de la Ville »
in Paris » : her solo
« Threads » achieves a genuine taming of natural movement ... Igor Wakhevitch has weaved about her a web of resonance echoing the tactile vibrations of poetic drift to a great moment in dance »

Marcelle Michel
« Le Monde »

Avignon Festival (France) « Igor Wakhevitch’s music is full of fury and power. It swirl, bursts into gales and abates into sudden bright lulls in direct sunlight »
Jacqueline Cartier
« France-Soir »


« Animal man is the obscure starting-point, the present natural man the varied & tangled mid-road but supernatural man the luminous & transcendant goal of our human journey »

Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms)




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