"  In the anomalies of the human heart Where Good and Evil are close bedfellows And Light is by Darkness dogged at every step, Where his largest knowledge is an ignorance, I am the Power that labours toward the best And works for God and looks up toward the heights, I make even sin and error stepping-stones And all experiences a long march towards Light  "
                                                                                           Sri Aurobindo (Savitri, Book Seven, Canto IV)

Press Review

Were is a young composer when has his own conception of the universe of sounds, in his relations with the cosmos. He is inspired by some mystic and Igor Wakhevitch has a message to convey and dares express it, regardless of the fashions of the day, regardless for spectacular effects

Jean Roy

Igor Wakhevitchs music is surprising : it is irritating and enthralling at the same time because you would like to escape it, but it pursues you.
It combines the cosmic with the human
Jacqueline Cartier


Medieval Christianity said to the race : Man, thou art in thy earthly life and evil thing & a worm before God ; renounce then egoism, live for a future state and submit thyself to
God & His priest . The results were not overgood for humanity. Modern knowledge says to the race, Man, thou art an ephemeral animal and no more to Nature than the ant & the earthworm, a transitory speck only in the universe. Live then for the State & submit thyself antlike to the trained administrators & scientific expert. Will this gospel succeed any better than the other ?

Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms)

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I dedicate this site who recounts in short the visible part of my life till today, to Georges, Marica and Alexandre, my father, my mother and my little brother. As well, to those, intimate friends and others, everywhere in the world and specially in India who always expressed me their love, friendship and affection whatever were the circumstances, happy or adverses. I dedicate also this site to all the arts, and particularly in my life to music and dance; by the grace of the angel that from within inspires me the love for Beauty and Truth, to enlightened literature. To everyone, these few pages that will fly away in the world as a message and a mark of my gratitude and eternal love. At last, I want to finish this dedication by naming specifically the great beings who since my young age always inspired, guided and deeply influenced me: my revered master Olivier Messiaen, Maurice Bejart, near who I learned so much and received affection and friendship; and my bright star since ever, Carlo Suares, companion and brother of the Master of the masters. I prostrate myself at the feet of the Lover, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the perpetual incarnation of the Lord of the Love upon earth.