"  The mighty signs of which earth fears the stress, Trembling because she cannot understand, And must keep obscure in forms strange and sublime, Were here the first lexicon of an infinite mind Translating the language of eternal bliss   "
                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo (Savitri, Book XI, Canto One)

Press Review

« This record fits in with the tradition of Pierre Henry and Spooky Tooth. There is a pervasive dreamings about it. With the intense use of synthesizers, percussion and mystic texts, the whole is not without hints of style of « Tangerine Dreams » or « Amon Duul ». One more point, the record is very hard to find ; one alternative : rake through flea markets night and day, wathever the weather »

« La Tribune de Genève »

« One cannot think about a performance by Carolyn Carlson without thinking about the music of Igor Wakhevitch »
Anne Surger
« Le Quotidien de Paris »

« Igor Wakhevitch’s music is truly a work of architecture which supports the whole construction »
Jean-Claude Dienis
Les Saisons de la Danse


« Do not dream that when thou hast got rid of material poverty, men will even so be happy or satisfied or society freed from ills, troubles & problems. This is only the first & lowest necessity. While the soul within remains defectively organised, there will always be outward unrest, disorder & revolution »

Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms)


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« LOGOS » (Rituel sonore) 1970

ERGON (4 : 00)
INITIATION - first part - (2 : 43)
INITIATION - second part - (6 : 27)
DELIRIUM (2 : 25)
POINT OMEGA (1 : 45)

Originally recorded in 1970, « Logos » is the perfect introduction to Igor Wakhevitch’s powerful and often telluric sound-world in his quest of « sounds of power » throughout his works. Astonishing, very new at that time, making history (a perfect example of 20th century classic avant-garde with the new generation of french composers in the very early 70’, Jean-Michel Jarre, W. Sheller, Guy Skornik), Igor Wakhevitch successfully open with « Logos » a new perspective on a daring attempt of fusion between orchestral and electronic, and also psychedelic rock, with the frenzy participation of french psych-prog rock band « Triangle ». The texts inside the wonderful red gatefold cover holds some of the important keys introducing the listeners to the young composer’s inner world, mentions to ancient oriental christian orthodox esoteric tradition, the alchemistic spiritual legacy and holy kabbalah as well, are deeply coupled by Igor Wakhevitch’s large vision of a cosmic sacred art for the coming times and his aspiration as a fervent call for a renewed consciousness.

Sideris Music records MA-1401

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