"  The mighty signs of which earth fears the stress, Trembling because she cannot understand, And must keep obscure in forms strange and sublime, Were here the first lexicon of an infinite mind Translating the language of eternal bliss   "
                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo (Savitri, Book XI, Canto One)

Press Review

« This record fits in with the tradition of Pierre Henry and Spooky Tooth. There is a pervasive dreamings about it. With the intense use of synthesizers, percussion and mystic texts, the whole is not without hints of style of « Tangerine Dreams » or « Amon Duul ». One more point, the record is very hard to find ; one alternative : rake through flea markets night and day, wathever the weather »

« La Tribune de Genève »

« One cannot think about a performance by Carolyn Carlson without thinking about the music of Igor Wakhevitch »
Anne Surger
« Le Quotidien de Paris »

« Igor Wakhevitch’s music is truly a work of architecture which supports the whole construction »
Jean-Claude Dienis
Les Saisons de la Danse


« Do not dream that when thou hast got rid of material poverty, men will even so be happy or satisfied or society freed from ills, troubles & problems. This is only the first & lowest necessity. While the soul within remains defectively organised, there will always be outward unrest, disorder & revolution »

Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms)


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« HATHOR » (1975)

HYMNE À SATHANAËL (Aimantation des Forces) (4:40)
GRAND SABBAT LUCIFÉRIEN (Régime des Arches) (4:15)
OFFICE DE LA LEVÉE DU CORPS (De Profundis) (5:00)
AMENTHI (Attente de la Seconde Mort) (7:55)
AURORE (1:55)

Subtitled in french « Liturgie du Souffle pour la Résurrection des Morts », this is probably Igor Wakhevitch’s most esoteric and occult-influenced work in his perpetual search of sounds of power to evoke the elementary spirits of the nature. As an overture, « Hathor » begins by a powerful ritual of white magic starting with the sumptuous and majestuous « Ode to Sathanel » followed by a tribal dance of sorcery, hidding despite its wild and telluric appareance to the non-initiated the true nature of the fight without mercy against the forces of the evil and the bad incarnate ; powerful exorcism, a ritual of white magic (despite sounding dark), all of it composed for synthesizers and orchestra inspired by secret Kabbalistic writings where Igor’s trademark, bottom heavy electronic pulse, wizz and sweep to a backdrop of heavy tribal drummings. Elswhere, menacing and majestic spoken word passages open us the doors to the netherworld, leading you into an esoteric ritual that sounds spooky, virulent, droning, powerful, entrancing, and mystical at the same time. Again, with his sumptuous Hathor, Igor Wakhevitch brings together what seems seemingly in their external forms disparate elements of opposite nature (but linked together by a profound unity and same spirit in the approach), bridging what seems in appearance unrelated musical forms to integrate them in order to deliver another unique work that sounds strangely prescient and recalling in the same time works from other composers as Terry Riley (Surgery Persian Derviches), Stockausen (Stimmung), Tangerine Dream (Zeit), or early Klaus Schulze (Irrlicht).

Sideris Music records MA-1404

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