"  The mighty signs of which earth fears the stress, Trembling because she cannot understand, And must keep obscure in forms strange and sublime, Were here the first lexicon of an infinite mind Translating the language of eternal bliss   "
                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo (Savitri, Book XI, Canto One)

Press Review

« This record fits in with the tradition of Pierre Henry and Spooky Tooth. There is a pervasive dreamings about it. With the intense use of synthesizers, percussion and mystic texts, the whole is not without hints of style of « Tangerine Dreams » or « Amon Duul ». One more point, the record is very hard to find ; one alternative : rake through flea markets night and day, wathever the weather »

« La Tribune de Genève »

« One cannot think about a performance by Carolyn Carlson without thinking about the music of Igor Wakhevitch »
Anne Surger
« Le Quotidien de Paris »

« Igor Wakhevitch’s music is truly a work of architecture which supports the whole construction »
Jean-Claude Dienis
Les Saisons de la Danse


« Do not dream that when thou hast got rid of material poverty, men will even so be happy or satisfied or society freed from ills, troubles & problems. This is only the first & lowest necessity. While the soul within remains defectively organised, there will always be outward unrest, disorder & revolution »

Sri Aurobindo
(Thoughts and Aphorisms)


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« LET’S START » (1979)

LET’S START (21:26)
ERIADOR (12:19)

Originally released in 1979, Igor Wakhevitch’s last album before definitevely settling down in India was his most meditative and relaxed musical offer to date, at the great satisfaction of his numerous fans. Fruit of his 1977 long stay in Israel, invited by the « Mishkenot Sha’ananim Foundation » and the
«Festival of Israel » to work with Rina Schenfeld, superstar in Israel, the famous Israeli dancer and choreographer (prima ballerina of the « Batsheva Dance Company »), « Let’s Start » as a record was a work for the two hours dance solo of Rina Schenfeld’s « Threads » and has been recorded, both in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, performed on stage all over Israel on the most famous theatres and stages of Israel : Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haïfa, Safed (on the shore of the lake of Galilea, one of the most sacred place in Israel regarding the Holy Kabbalah ) and presented in many of the Israeli kibbutzs. It is after an excursion by car with an israeli friend on small empty roads in the countryside between Tel-Aviv and Ramallah, that Igor overwhelmed by the peace and the beauty of the landscape crowned with eternity and the only presence of solitary ships and donkees scattered in the nature all over the hills (a kind of Scotland transposed in Palestine, biblical earth), straight after his return to Tel-Aviv composed the so beautiful, peaceful, delicate and moving
« Ramallah’s Road » for piano, a composition that Igor dedicate to the Timeless and its « kingdom ». The album is again completly dominated by the composer’s keyboards, majestic, enchanting and delicate, often hypnotic, sweeping synths and fractured vocal loops of the title track (Let’s Start) … leading the listener to the fragility of « Taddy’s Fruit Garden » ; on the side two of the album, the lyrical cosmic spaciness, full of majesty and glory, repetitive patterns of « Eriador » (inspired by Tolkien’s « Lord of the Rings », the writings of Tolkien inspiring a lot Igor) … or - as we said above - the otherworldly impressionism of the inspired « Ramallah’s Road » for piano. « Monks in the Snow » is a first approach of the mysterious regions of the North Pole (the cosmic moutain, the axis of the universe ) that inspires so much Igor and that we’ll soon discover in some of his coming works in music and literature. « Let’s Start » : a masterful closing statement (very temporary) by this french master and a must for anyone and an immersion into deep meditative keyboard music in the vein of Terry Riley, Igor’s friend and a great composer who introduced Igor Wakhevitch to minimalism in music … and indian cuisine.

Sound Mysteriouscience MA-06

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